All of our magnetic lifting systems use rare, neodymium magnets that won't wear out over time. The magnets have  impact protection guards.

All models have a durable, aluminum handle assembly and a storage base that protect the magnets and unit during transportation.

STEP 4: Replace and Release


Bo bops

STEP 3: Remove
STEP 1: Attach
STEP 2: "Break"

Break 'n take

Portable, durable, affordable

magnetic lifting systems

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This 5 magnet lifting system has a 350 pound lifting capacity and a wheeled base for easy transport on and off job sites.

We have a variety of Robotron models:

3 Magnet Robotron: 300 pound lifting capacity (34" x 13" x 6")

4 Magnet Robotron: 300 pound lifting capacity (34" x 16" x 7")

Utility Robotrons: This feature can be added to the 3 or 4 magnet Robotron, allowing for an additional 14" of handle length.


how it works

The Bo Bop is a single magnet model with a 25 pound lifting capacity. It is best used on electrical plates, small water valve covers, etc. The Bo Bop comes with either a standard hammer or a brass,
​non-sparking hammer designed specifically for the electrical industry.

Dimensions: 34" x 4" x 2"

The Break 'N Take has 4 magnets with a 250 pound lifting capacity.

​Dimensions: 34" x 10" x 5"


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